Bake Hayes: Scout of Malton

Gaming diary for Urban Dead, the Zombie Apocalypse MMORPG.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Striking out in Wykewood

Well, it would seem that the MPS's first real mail delivery mission will go down as a failure. I did make it to South Blytheville without any more trouble, I've been hunting both that suburb and neighboring Wykewood for days now, and I cannot find the addressee for this message. I left messages at their residence, asked around with the neighbors, even poked around among the rotting corpses in the streets, but no sign. The actual content of the message was out of date some days ago, but I still wanted to get the letter to its recipient as a matter of principle. Oh well. While I am here, I think I'll help out with the post-Big Bash cleanup. Despite what the suburb map says, this part of Malton is pretty livable. There's still a lot of barricading to rebuild and generators to replace, but I have not seen any serious zed activity since getting here. Refugees from eastern Malton could do a lot of good down here rather than falling back from mall to mall as the Bashers crack them open.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Trail of destruction (Central Malton)

I had a small mishap returning from vacation: got myself killed again in Shearbank (note to self, the only barrricaded building in a zed-infested neighborhood is not a safehouse). I tried to get a revive by entering an under-attack NecroTech building and fighting on the side of the harmanz while Mrh?-ing loudly, but either my help wasn't appreciated, or my intended saviors got slaughtered before they could notice it. After that, I shambled up to the Yagoton Revive Clinic at St. Swithun's Church. In a matter of hours, I had my brahnz back . Those YRC boys really know their business! After that, I made my way back to Santlerville without incident and spent a couple days licking my wounds in the Mail Processing Center. Today, fully healed and partially re-supplied, I got bold again and began a mail run to South Blythville that has been seriously delayed by the Big Bash and the untimely deaths of a couple other carriers. I can attest that central Malton is a virtual wasteland. Travelling outdoors through parts of Randallbank, Pimbank, Ridleybank, and Stanbury Village, I saw zeds pretty much everywhere: no large hordes, but a couple occupying most building blocks and some streets. I moved back indoors in Galbraith Hills and had to traverse that whole suburb and parts of Mockridge Heights and Brooksville before I found a building that was not open and ransacked. Ouch! Here's hoping I can survive the night and finish this delivery tomorrow.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

MPS expansion (Ketchelbank)

Well, I sucessfully inducted JennyD'Arc into the MPS, but it wasn't easy. Between widespread zombie incursions in eastern Ketchelbank/western Roachtown and weirdo survivors freaking out and shooting me (and then apologizing), I'm lucky I made it to the ceremony at all. With Ms. D'Arc's hiring and my reviving of postman Elphin, that brings MPS staffing up to four, enough, theoretically, to have a dedicated carrier for each quadrant of the city (though I think we need to wait for the Big Bash to move out before building a post office in the southwest). I have managed to obtain NecroNet Access—which I had forgotten about when I declared that Headshot was the only human skill left worth having. I also picked up Lurching Gait during my recent lifeless stint. Thankfully, it proved largely unnecessary as I didn't have to travel far or wait long for my revive, but it's good insurance for the future.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Back on my feet (Ketchelbank)

Thanks to a speedy response to my revive request by Quingawaga2 of the ROACH Klips, I am breathing again. I am impressed that I got treated so quickly, especially since Roachtown is having widespread problems. Thanks, guys! As a kind of 'pay it forward' gesture (and because the original addressee had gotten revived during my misadventures), one of my first actions once life returned was to deliver the syringe I'd been trying to get to Brooke Hills to one Vampirina. She seems to have been a career zombie thus far, but she's only L3 and was 'Mrh'-ing repeatedly at the revive point, so I figured she was legit. I hope I don't regret that decision. For myself, I have moved on to Ketchelbank to meet up with Jenny D'Arc, a new Postal Service recruit. Looks like they've got plenty of trouble here as well. I justc ran through a bunch of breached resource buildings and saw a fair scattering of zeds out on the streets as well. Ah, well.

Friday, July 07, 2006

How I died during my summer vacation (Roachtown)

I'd been having a fairly low-key vacation: doing a little sight-seeing, cleaning up the Mail Processing Center, and so on. Then I decided to do a long-distance delivery to Brooke Hills to help out a new postal recruit who'd fallen on hard times. I got as far as Roachtown when I did some bad AP budgeting and wound up in a lightly-barricaded building. Oops. Next thing I knew, I was dead. So now I'm cooling my heels at Bateson Street [56,34] hoping that the ROACH Klips or so other friendlies will get my heart pumping again. Since this is likely to take a while, I did a little scouting around with my surplus AP. Here's what I see:
  • Weary Building [54,32] - 4 zeds outside, open (this is where I got killed)
  • St. Dionysius's Church [55,32] - 0 zeds, 1 body, Heavy barricades
  • factory [54,33] - 0 zeds
  • factory [55,33] - 0 zeds, 1 body, EHB
  • cemetary [56,33] - 7 zeds, 2 bodies (presumed revive point)
  • Coome Drive [57,33] - 1 zed
  • Stonnard Lane [54,34] - 0 zeds
  • Cyril General Hospital [55,34] - 3 zeds, 4 bodies, VSB
  • Bateson Drive [56,34] - 12 zeds (plus me!), 7 bodies (official revive point)
  • Chudley NT Building [57,34] - 2 zeds, 1 body, open (3 zeds inside, ransacked)
  • St. Dymphna's Church (phone mast) [55,35] - 1 zed, 1 body, open (empty, no generator)
  • cemetary [56,35] - 0 zeds
  • Sparkes Towers [57, 35] - 1 zed, 1 body
  • Scott Motel [55, 36] - 0 zeds
  • Spinks Monument [56,37] - 1 zed
  • Newbery Street [57,36] - 0 zeds

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ransack trouble in NW Randallbank

Northwestern Randallbank seems to be under attack, or perhaps it is just overflow from larger conflicts in Shearbank/Roachtown. In any case, although there don't seem to be large numbers of zombies involved, the survivor population also seems to be small, and as a result, the zeds are managing to establish beachheads in resource buildings by breaking in, killing the residents and then ransacking the place to prevent re-barricading. In today's walkabout, both St Columbanus's Hospital [61, 31] and the Littlehales NecroTech Building [63, 30] are in this condition. The only good news about the above is that it has provided lots of target practice, and I've managed to buy both Advanced Pistol Training and Advanced Shotgun Training. That leaves Headshot as the only remaining useful human skill to have. After that, I guess I'll just stockpile XP until I die again or some worthwhile additions are made on the human side.

Postal Holiday

Post offices in Northeast Malton will see highly reduced hours and/or closings as employees take their summer holidays. Normal service should return after July 11.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Brief power outage (Santlerville)

I regret to report that power went out at the Mail Processing Center for a couple hours today, so we were without either radio or phone service. You can thank Tittybar for the outage. The good news is that we had a backup generator ready to go and power is back on.