Bake Hayes: Scout of Malton

Gaming diary for Urban Dead, the Zombie Apocalypse MMORPG.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Usher/Cornelius/Goldney Place Triangle (Heytown/Spracklingbank)

The previously reported attacks on the Usher NT Building [78, 36] seem to be part of a coordinated assault on the whole neighborhood, including Goldney Place Police Dept. [79, 38] and Cornelius General Hospital in Spracklingbank. Survivor defense is being cooridnated by the hospital's triage desk and seems to be holding its own so far. Tonight, the PD and hospital are both clear. Outdoor zombie counts from my most recent walkabout:
  • Ostler Towers [78,38]: 0
  • Goldney Place PD [79,38]: 1 zed (47hp), 11 bodies
  • Shreiber Walk [80,38]: 0
  • a warehouse [78,37]: 6 zeds
  • Craske Museum [79,37]: 1 zed (47hp), 4 bodies
  • Burns Place [80,37]: 0
  • Hickling AR [81,37]: 0
  • Usher Building [78,36]: 13 zeds
  • Godson Arms [79,36]: 1 zed
  • Cornelius General Hospital [80,36]: 0
  • Leggatt Square [81,36]: 0
  • Nuttycombe AR [79,35]: 0
  • Vellacott Buildng [80,35]: 6 zeds
  • Woolf AR [81,35]: 0
The upside of all this action is that I've scored two more cheap kills and have levelled again. I picked up Construction so I can start being more helpful maintaining defenses in situations just like this one.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Usher Building siege status (Heytown)

The battle for the Usher NecroTech Building in Heytown has been going back and forth for the past 36 hours or so, with sombies managing a couple break-ins and local survivors managing to to repulse them. Here's a brief status report based on a quick scouting run:
  • Usher Building [78,36] - 13 zeds outside; inside clear; EHB
  • Tudgay Museum [77,37] - 3 zeds outside
  • a warehouse [78,37] - 7 zeds, 14 bodies outside; doors closed (only)
  • Craske Museum - [79,37] - 1 zed outside
  • a wasteland [77,38] - 1 zed
  • Goldney Place PD [79,38] - 2 zeds outside
No recent info on Cornelius General Hospital [80,36 in Spracklingbank] , which was barricaded up to EHB early this morning in anticipation of zombie attack.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Usher Building (Heytown) under attack.

For the past day or so a small gang of zeds (maybe 10-12) have been milling around the neighborhood of the Usher NecroTech Building [78,36] in Heytown. Last night, Usher was breached. Doors were open, 7 zeds inside, and a couple corpses on the floor. I closed doors, dumped bodies, and cured infections on the 3 survivors there, but there's still 6 zeds inside (one must have left). Also tried to raise the alarm among nearby survivors. I haven't been outside, so I don't know if the attack has gotten any larger. At least one of the safehouses in the area has barricades down to LB, but several others are still maxed and nearby Cornelius General Hospital [80,36] is powered and VSB.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Can you hear me now?

I got lucky searching a club and found a Mobile Phone. I'll add anyone as a contact who wants to share information. Incidentally, phone service seems to be working in Heytown.

Monday, April 24, 2006

My first kill! (Light action in Spracklingbank)

I took down my first zombie! It was outside Cary Bank [82,36] in Spracklingbank and was, to be honest, a cheap kill—the thing only had like 4HP left—but I'll take it. The 4 corpses and the infected survivor on the street seem to suggest a light skirmish of some kind, but the area seemed otherwise rather quiet. With the XP from the kill and from heals to the survivor, I could level and get Axe Proficiency. But I am tempted to hold out until 100XP (to get either Construction or Tagging) or even to 150XP for Diagnosis. Construction would be the most civic-minded skill to get (I feel bad only being able to close doors when I find a break-in), but won't help with getting any more experience. Diagnosis would sure make giving heals a lot easier, and that is still the most efficient way for me to get XP. On the other hand, maxing out axe skill would actually make me a decent combat force, opening that avenue for experience. Tagging is probably the least useful, but the idea of posting messgaes everywhere is pretty 'scouty' and it does provide a backup source of XP. The Skill Guide suggests Axe Prof. should be my top priority, but I want to sleep on it.

East Heytown seems quiet

An uneventful day on the move and searching for supplies. Eastern Heytown seemes to be quiet. Moving indoors, I found no zombies and buildings well-barricaded.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Chaffey Alley PD (Heytown) under attack

There is zed activity in north Heytown, including an attack in progress on Chaffey Alley Police Dept [74,32]. The building was open (I closed doors) with 4 zombies inside, and about 17 dead bodies outside. I also saw 6 zeds outside neighboring St. Onuphrius's Church [73,32], 1 outside Keyford Grove School [73,33], 4 on Preller Road [70,35]. One bright note: Sixtus General Hospital [74,30] is clear, powered, and at VSB.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Scattered Zeds in SE Randallbank

Reports of trouble to the south have scuttled my plans to visit Roftwood for the moment. Heading east out of Randallbank, I continued to see scattered zombies: one each in Tufton Auto Repair [67,39], Balkwell Auto Repair [68,39] and Dibben Bank [69.38]. I closed doors and dumped bodies along the way.

Rottens in NE Pimbank

An evening stroll in northeast Pimbank found lots of open doors and scattered zeds. Voules Plaza Fire Station [66,40] remains secured, but just barely; a lone zombie was locked inside Trubridge Arms [67,40], Carpendale Arms [68,41] was open and empty; and Mare Auto Repair [67,42] was QSB but with 2 zombies inside. Spillover from trouble at Tynte Mall?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Zeds in SE Randallbank

Unlike the western corrner of the suburb, southeastern Randallbank seems to be having trouble: The Cocker Museum [67,37], Tufton Auto Repair [67, 39] and Voules Plaza Fire Station ([66,40] in Pimbank) were all open with one zombie inside. I was able to close the doors of the fire station and auto repair before leaving for safer housing.

SW Randallbank seems quiet

I'm on the move. I picked up supplies (FAKs, a shotgun and shells & a flak jackert) at Martin General Hospital [61, 33] and Gillette Police Dept. [61, 34] in western Randallbank and have headed south to the border of Pimbank. I was moving indoors, but things seemed quiet, with barricades in place throughout (the hospital was at VSB, the police dept at heavily, most others at EHB).

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bigham Museum (Roachtown) breached

I was going to try a sprint from Roachtown to Roftwood to meet up with another survivor, but I ran across 2 zeds in the Bingham Museum [59,32]. Doors were wide open (shut now) and one corpse on the floor (now outside). Used my FAKs on the one survivor there, which was enough to level and get HTH combat. Thought I would try out the new skill by taking a few swings with my fire axe; connected once and then had to skedaddle to safety. Roftwood will have to wait a bit as I need new supplies.

St. Helena's Hospital Breached

Stopped by St. Helena's Hospital in Roachtown to look for FAKs. The doors were wide open and one zombie inside. I closed the doors again and used all my kits on wounded. At some point the zed either left or got revived, I missed what happened. Did some futile FAK searching and legged it back to a safehouse.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Welcome to My Urban Dead Diary

I am a new player on Urban Dead (the free Zombie Apocalypse MMORPG), just started playing a few days ago. This will be my game journal. Currently, I am a L1 Scout, which makes me pretty useless. I'm trying to build up XP by healing, which means lots of hunting for first aid kits (FAKs) and then hunting for wounded survivors. If you play UD and meet me, be sure to ask for a heal if you're in need.