Bake Hayes: Scout of Malton

Gaming diary for Urban Dead, the Zombie Apocalypse MMORPG.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Getting into a routine (Giddings Mall)

I'm still at Giddings Mall, where things have settled into a kind of routine, If one can say that of a zombie siege. A week ago it looked like the zeds were losing interest, but it seems that they've received reinforcements and a new dose of enthusiasm for slaughter. It's still pretty dangerous to go outside: if you come within sight of the main horde (on the NE corner) you are almost guaranteed to attract the attention of 1-2 active zeds and have a real brawl on your hands. So far, though, my luck has been holding out and I've stayed alive. I even managed to sleep through a break-in by The Apocalypse Horde (featuring corpsickle, mister staypuft, Mr Muurgh, and Shambling Man) and wake up unharmed (several residents of the safehouse were not so lucky). Aside from that, I've been cycling between gathering and then using FAKs and ammo. Business has been brisk enough that I've picked up Bargain Hunting, which sure does make mall shopping more fun. In fact, I got well-supplied enough to waste AP looking for a GPS unit: 5 redundant mobile phones later, I now have one. Woo-hoo! I'm screwing up courage to start a Major Intiative. I will probably announce it here soon.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Close call at Giddings Mall

I guess I've officially joined the Giddings Mall fight now. Having actually stayed put long enough to fully charge my AP, I took a little jog outside tonight and tried to rack up some XP picking on lone zombies. That was working, too, until I caught the attention of the horde (approx. 170 strong) camped outside the NE corner of the mall. Merlin the Tuna and quentin mcalmott of The Shining Ones cut short my hunting session by bringing me down to 3HP, but I made it back indoors and put in some community service work on the barricades. Good samaritan Patrick Hammond threw a couple heals my way, and I have tucked myself in at a nice EHB safehouse. No kills on this trip, but I scrounged together enough XP to buy myself Shopping, which should come in handy once I've slept for 24 hours. Then I can blow a day on resupplying before I go out and try to get killed again.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Moving on... (Pitneybank)

I stuck around in the Craske Triangle a little while to help clean up after the hospital massacre, but I have now moved on. As I mentioned before, it's neither fun nor especially safe to be in the middle of an ideological battle over defensive strategies, and I think that's what that area was becoming. So I've meandered my way down toward Pitneybank, where there's supposedly a big siege going on at Giddings Mall. Where I've been so far has actually been pretty quiet, but then, I haven't been looking for action. That should change in the next day or so. I finally yielded to temptation and bought Tagging. Especially with the mall visit I am making, Shopping would have been the better choice, but what can I say, I love graffiti.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Breathing again, but Craske Triangle is a mess

I got revived by my new favorite survivor: Gimbatul of the Czech Survivor Squad. While dead, I was hearing a lot of disturbing Feeding Groan activity, and now that I'm on my feet, my fears have been confirmed. Goldney Lane PD [79,38] is under assault and Cornelius General Hospital has been completely overrun. Two of the same RRF zeds I spotted earlier (Brain Masticator and Munchfort) are among the nine currently occupying the building. There were no survivors when I peeked in, but the barricades were up to EHB, so I guess there are efforts underway to retake the hospital. Whatever the result of the current altercations, I am not feeling hopeful about the Triangle's long-term survival. There still seems to be no consensus on key survival issues like barricading and revive points. I saw a few people hunting zeds at Mester Square [77,35] even though it's tagged as a revive point. Basically, I think people are working at cross-purposes here and that ultimately only helps the zombies. Once I regenerate some AP, I'm considering blowing this popcorn stand. I'd never really planned on becoming tied down to specific suburb or group anyway. I'm going for more of the Lone Survivor thing. For the moment, though, all I'll be doing is sleeping off my necrotech hangover.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Actual death experience (Spracklingbank)

My luck finally ran out. I naively counted on an established entrypoint being properly barricaded, cut my APs too close, and got stuck outside. Now I'm dead. I'm also pissed off. Part of me (I guess that would be the evil, undead, brahnz-eating part) wants to break into that damn warehouse and start biting whomever is living there. But I have a job to do. I'm a scout, and scout I shall, heartbeat or no. I've filed a new zed count back at the CGH page, and I'll continue to keep my lifeless eyes and ears open in the neighborhood until a friendly scientist comes and shoots me full of the lifey-lifey juice.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ridleybank Resistance Front coming to the Triangle? (Heytown/Spracklingbank)

Cornelius General Hospital sufferred a break-in today by about 7 zeds. They took out the generator and killed two humans, but they got repulsed pretty quickly, and on latest check there are no other standing zeds in the immediate neighborhood. So it may have just been a minor incursion. What worries me is that three of the leaders of the incursion all belonged to the Ridleybank Resistance Front: I spotted one other RRF member—NewtTheZombie—recently, though I forget exactly when. In any case, if this was a prelude to an organized RRF attack, I'd say the Triangle is in trouble.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Trouble moves south (Heytown/Peppardville)

Since that last attack on Craske Museum, things have been pretty calm in the Craske Triangle area. As of yesterday, there was only one standing zombie left in the immediate neighborhood. Things are not so good in northeastern Peppardville. Over the past day, I've heard of attacks on the Maine NT Building [78,42] and a lone zombie in Whetcombe Auto Repair [79,41]. Minutes ago, I found Wallis Square PD [78,40] breached with 6 zeds inside, wounded survivors, and 3 dead on the floor. Only had AP enough to throw up a minimal barricade and get myself out. I'll return when I can actually do them some good. On the professional development front, I spent some XP on getting Basic Firearms Training. I think I am going to stick with axe as my primary weapon, but if I am going to bother carrying guns in the first place, it makes sense to have a chance of actually hitting with them. Perhaps I was partly inspired by reading Karlsbad's treatise, Shotguns Don't Suck, which is an interesting application of the concept of 'sunk costs' to the issue of weapon selection in UD.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Near Death Experience (Heytown)

So I put myself to bed last night in the EHB and generally inconspicuous Craske Museum. I woke to find myself snuggled up with 8 zeds, infected, and down to 4HP! Ouch! I would have been dead if MrCrane hadn't thrown a heal my way while he was passing through (or if the zeds hadn't killed two other players before nibbling on my tasty brahnz). Luckily, I still had one FAK left on me, so I cured my infection, reinforced the barricades, and took enough axe swings to get the 10XP I needed for Diagnosis. Then I bugged out to raise the alarm (and hopefully find another good samaritan to sew my manbagz back on). I think I'll be resting quietly for the rest of the day. Addendum: The zombies who broke in included:

Walking the Heytown-Spracklingbank-Pitneybank-Peppardville Circuit

With the action dying down back in Craske Triangle, I decided to take a break and do a little sightseeing, I headed southeast and peaked in Giddings Mall (which was secure at the time, though the Mall page is now claiming it is unsafe), then headed west. I did a little community service work—including a one-swing zed kill near Wallis Square PD [78,40]—in northeast Peppardville before heading back to the friendly confines of Heytown. In a show of restraint surprising even to me, I have not bought Tagging, nor any other skill (I was sorely tempted to buy Shopping while I was at the mall), so I'm only 10XP away from getting Diagnosis. Not wasting time on healing-by-guesswork should make further advancement a little faster. Then I'll waste some XP on Tagging.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A 'ransack' sighting

Spotted my first 'rasacked' building today. (The Ransack skill was added to the game 4/29). Also discovered that you earn 1XP for repairing the ransack damage (which takes 1AP to do and appears to be automatically successful).

The worst is over? (Heytown/Sprackligbank)

I just did a nearly-complete scan of the 'Craske Triangle' and it looks like the worst of the siege is over: under a dozen zeds left in the neighborhood (quite a few bodies lying around though), and buildings have been mostly secure for the past couple days. Complete scouting report is at the Cornelius Hospital Help Desk.

The chief organizer of this defense, einexile, has been getting a hard time from some of the established groups for not following the 'Uniform Barricade Policy'. I haven't been playing long enough to have an opinion about the UBP as such, but I would observe that this was a siege situation, and even UBP policy provides for ignoring barricade limits at such times. It's also just basically annoying for people who didn't do jack to help with the actual defense to come in and criticize someone who was doing his best to improve the situation. Until einexile set up the Help Desk page, there wasn't any coordination of the defense. Maybe some small groups were communicating privately, but the only information I was seeing were erratic spoken reports as survivors passed through buildings. Now that the situation is calming down, there may be a chance to debate policy and establish some clear responsibilities.

In other news, I've been doing miscellaneous scouting, healing, and zombie thumping and am getting close to another level. I think I'll finally give in and get Tagging, just because it's a fun skill. Shopping might make more sense so that I can hit the malls for supplies, although I'm not sure I want to get caught up in the whole mall siege scene quite yet. Diagnosis would still be extremely useful, but I know now I won't be patient enough to hold off until 150XP. Lastly, I've been toying with getting Basic Firearm Training. I don't really want to become a fulltime gunner, but it would be nice to be able to actually use my shotgun, either for softening up or finishing off targets.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Triangle quiet, for now (Heytown/Spracklingbank)

There seems to be at least a breather in the Usher/Cornelius/Goldney Place conflict. There was a report of a break-in at the hospital earlier today, but a just-completed tour of the major buildings and selected others found all to be secure and zed-free. The NecroTech building still needs a generator, and I think there's a revive backlog assembled in Mester Square [77,35], but defenses seem to be holding. The biggest problem at the moment seems to be differences of opinion regarding barricading policies, which results in people wasting APs bulding up and tearing down 'cades according to their personal preferences. The Hospital Desk is helping to get everyone on the same page, I think. On a related note, my reports here and at the desk earned some nice words from einexile, who has himself been instrumental in organizing the defenses. "Just doin' my job, citizen," he said, blushing.