Bake Hayes: Scout of Malton

Gaming diary for Urban Dead, the Zombie Apocalypse MMORPG.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Actual death experience (Spracklingbank)

My luck finally ran out. I naively counted on an established entrypoint being properly barricaded, cut my APs too close, and got stuck outside. Now I'm dead. I'm also pissed off. Part of me (I guess that would be the evil, undead, brahnz-eating part) wants to break into that damn warehouse and start biting whomever is living there. But I have a job to do. I'm a scout, and scout I shall, heartbeat or no. I've filed a new zed count back at the CGH page, and I'll continue to keep my lifeless eyes and ears open in the neighborhood until a friendly scientist comes and shoots me full of the lifey-lifey juice.


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