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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Breathing again, but Craske Triangle is a mess

I got revived by my new favorite survivor: Gimbatul of the Czech Survivor Squad. While dead, I was hearing a lot of disturbing Feeding Groan activity, and now that I'm on my feet, my fears have been confirmed. Goldney Lane PD [79,38] is under assault and Cornelius General Hospital has been completely overrun. Two of the same RRF zeds I spotted earlier (Brain Masticator and Munchfort) are among the nine currently occupying the building. There were no survivors when I peeked in, but the barricades were up to EHB, so I guess there are efforts underway to retake the hospital. Whatever the result of the current altercations, I am not feeling hopeful about the Triangle's long-term survival. There still seems to be no consensus on key survival issues like barricading and revive points. I saw a few people hunting zeds at Mester Square [77,35] even though it's tagged as a revive point. Basically, I think people are working at cross-purposes here and that ultimately only helps the zombies. Once I regenerate some AP, I'm considering blowing this popcorn stand. I'd never really planned on becoming tied down to specific suburb or group anyway. I'm going for more of the Lone Survivor thing. For the moment, though, all I'll be doing is sleeping off my necrotech hangover.


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