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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Close call at Giddings Mall

I guess I've officially joined the Giddings Mall fight now. Having actually stayed put long enough to fully charge my AP, I took a little jog outside tonight and tried to rack up some XP picking on lone zombies. That was working, too, until I caught the attention of the horde (approx. 170 strong) camped outside the NE corner of the mall. Merlin the Tuna and quentin mcalmott of The Shining Ones cut short my hunting session by bringing me down to 3HP, but I made it back indoors and put in some community service work on the barricades. Good samaritan Patrick Hammond threw a couple heals my way, and I have tucked myself in at a nice EHB safehouse. No kills on this trip, but I scrounged together enough XP to buy myself Shopping, which should come in handy once I've slept for 24 hours. Then I can blow a day on resupplying before I go out and try to get killed again.


  • At Wed May 24, 08:00:00 AM GMT+1, Blogger einexile said…

    Sorry to see you go, but yes, one must always give into the old wanderlust! Thanks for all your help up Craske way.

    I've got some vacation days coming up so I may leave Doctor Van in charge and head on down to Giddings to pay you fellas a visit and pop some heads in the parking lot. Keep the Cinnabon open for me!

  • At Mon May 29, 08:03:00 AM GMT+1, Anonymous Patricia Jordani said…

    Bake, finally caught up with you... so I thought! Followed your trail to Giddings and the siege but you are no where to be found!

    Hope your still alive? Been a bit of a running skirmish in here!

    I'm a scout too, 14th Malton Recon unit. Lost my whole team at the Paynterton barricade.

    I like your style and would be keen to team up with you. I have no affiliations other than the AoG and I was thinking of leaving giddings soon anyhow...

    If you are still arround, get in touch... otherwise I'm assume I'm on my own and head west alone...

  • At Wed May 31, 07:22:00 PM GMT+1, Blogger Bake Hayes said…

    Patricia: I've left a message on your cell phone. I'm still alive and active and definitely interested in teaming up.


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