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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Getting into a routine (Giddings Mall)

I'm still at Giddings Mall, where things have settled into a kind of routine, If one can say that of a zombie siege. A week ago it looked like the zeds were losing interest, but it seems that they've received reinforcements and a new dose of enthusiasm for slaughter. It's still pretty dangerous to go outside: if you come within sight of the main horde (on the NE corner) you are almost guaranteed to attract the attention of 1-2 active zeds and have a real brawl on your hands. So far, though, my luck has been holding out and I've stayed alive. I even managed to sleep through a break-in by The Apocalypse Horde (featuring corpsickle, mister staypuft, Mr Muurgh, and Shambling Man) and wake up unharmed (several residents of the safehouse were not so lucky). Aside from that, I've been cycling between gathering and then using FAKs and ammo. Business has been brisk enough that I've picked up Bargain Hunting, which sure does make mall shopping more fun. In fact, I got well-supplied enough to waste AP looking for a GPS unit: 5 redundant mobile phones later, I now have one. Woo-hoo! I'm screwing up courage to start a Major Intiative. I will probably announce it here soon.


  • At Sat Jun 10, 05:59:00 AM GMT+1, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yeah man, I see you are only 13, my advice, get out of pitneybank, you've been posted on a few bounty lists


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