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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A 'ransack' sighting

Spotted my first 'rasacked' building today. (The Ransack skill was added to the game 4/29). Also discovered that you earn 1XP for repairing the ransack damage (which takes 1AP to do and appears to be automatically successful).


  • At Thu May 04, 10:10:00 AM GMT+1, Blogger einexile said…

    You spotted *one* ransacked building? If so then we're luckier than what I've seen. I have another character in Greentown.

    I'm at odds with a group I've joined and very frustrated with them lately. I'm sure the feeling's mutual, and in their defense they are pretty cool people and quite friendly and well organized.

    But finally I cracked and launched into a condemnation of the UBP and the Distributed Defense doctrine. To support my position I spent nearly an entire day's AP surveying Greentown - and every resource building I visited that was not barricaded to EH was severely compromised in some way.

    You know who responded with a rebuttal? the leader of the RRF. On the private forum of a survivor group, this person took the time to attack my position.

    This tells me we're on to something.

    Would you, as leader of a major player in an ongoing strategic conflict, set aside the time to deconstruct a strategy put forth by a barely recognized member of the opposition?


    Have a look at the next reply and let me know what you think.

  • At Thu May 04, 12:20:00 PM GMT+1, Blogger einexile said…

    Forgot how to hotlink on Blogger, if it's possible at all.

    The idea is to encourage a circuit around the triangle which:

    1. supports searching of resource buildings with minimal AP expenditure for all concerned;

    2. focuses non-EH defense efforts into a single structure, so that non-freerunners are monitored & protected by everyone making the circuit;

    3. maximizes monitoring & defense of the factory & a single auto repair; and

    4. establishes a revive point everyone gets a look at on their way to do anything, with the total AP expenditure to check & service it shared evenly among Hospital, PD, and NT residents.

    Finally, for those who wish to use and/or support non-resource buildings for safehouses & entry points, this configuration seems to support as many of those as possible without compromising the above mentioned focus on the warehouse.

  • At Fri May 05, 02:57:00 PM GMT+1, Blogger Bake Hayes said…

    I posted some thoughts, not so much on this particular plan but on barricading and the UBP in general, on the Discussion page of the Hospital entry.

    For the Godson Triangle (personally, I think of it as the Craske Triangle, but whatever) in particular, I think I would endorse a plan that kept the hospital and PD accessible (for the reasons I lay out in my other response), and fortified Craske, Godson, Usher, and maybe the warehouse (although that might be kept as another FR entryway).

    IMO, Craske Museum makes an excellent EHB safehouse because it is 1 AP (with Free Running) from all three critical resource buildings. Since it has no resource value in itself, it would not be an immediate target.

    But like I've said. I'm a relative n00b and probably not the most qualified UD tactician around.

  • At Sat May 06, 10:09:00 PM GMT+1, Blogger einexile said…

    Actually I used Godson Triangle because I incorrectly recalled you referring it to it as such. Also I consider the building useless, but it's obviously impossible to exclude so why not honor it somehow. So I figured it would make a nice revive point. Then I moved the revive point because the PD ought to be equally involved in that.

    For now I don't want to put it out there, and have decided to lay low in the metagame for a few days. Aggravating the outside groups that disagree with how we manage the area is only going to get people killed (in fact it already has), and I think since the prime motivator there is drama & bragging rights the smart move is to starve that urge by not participating in debate on the wiki.

    It's also a time waster, because the audience for such a debate is smaller & more set in their ways than the people I really want to reach: those who live in the buildings.

    The folks who consider themselves city officials will figure this all out on their own, as the 4/29 changes increasingly force them to sleep in EH-barricaded resource buildings. Survival through obscurity in random, lightly manned crackhouses was silly before, but it worked from a mathelete standpoint. Now that you can no longer simply make a quick supply run through resource buildings no one is defending, I think people who cling to that are going to find themselves pretty frustrated.

    There are better reasons for all this than those, but we can get into that later.


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