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Monday, May 01, 2006

Triangle quiet, for now (Heytown/Spracklingbank)

There seems to be at least a breather in the Usher/Cornelius/Goldney Place conflict. There was a report of a break-in at the hospital earlier today, but a just-completed tour of the major buildings and selected others found all to be secure and zed-free. The NecroTech building still needs a generator, and I think there's a revive backlog assembled in Mester Square [77,35], but defenses seem to be holding. The biggest problem at the moment seems to be differences of opinion regarding barricading policies, which results in people wasting APs bulding up and tearing down 'cades according to their personal preferences. The Hospital Desk is helping to get everyone on the same page, I think. On a related note, my reports here and at the desk earned some nice words from einexile, who has himself been instrumental in organizing the defenses. "Just doin' my job, citizen," he said, blushing.


  • At Mon May 01, 07:49:00 PM GMT+1, Blogger Bake Hayes said…

    Things remain pretty quiet, and the NT building has power again. I posted some new outdoor zed numbers at the Hospital page.

  • At Tue May 02, 11:59:00 AM GMT+1, Blogger einexile said…

    Maybe we should keep a section at the top of the article for outdoor numbers and another for indoor?

    Also I was thinking of arranging them from most to least recent, if you don't mind. It's obviously good to have all that information, but kind of tough to picture it all at a glance.

    What do you think of this stuff with the UBP? I am more than a little irritated being criticized by self-appointed police who had no hand whatsoever in defending the area when push came to shove. But my inclination is to ignore what is basically bait to enter into drama, and just lead through action.


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