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Friday, May 12, 2006

Trouble moves south (Heytown/Peppardville)

Since that last attack on Craske Museum, things have been pretty calm in the Craske Triangle area. As of yesterday, there was only one standing zombie left in the immediate neighborhood. Things are not so good in northeastern Peppardville. Over the past day, I've heard of attacks on the Maine NT Building [78,42] and a lone zombie in Whetcombe Auto Repair [79,41]. Minutes ago, I found Wallis Square PD [78,40] breached with 6 zeds inside, wounded survivors, and 3 dead on the floor. Only had AP enough to throw up a minimal barricade and get myself out. I'll return when I can actually do them some good. On the professional development front, I spent some XP on getting Basic Firearms Training. I think I am going to stick with axe as my primary weapon, but if I am going to bother carrying guns in the first place, it makes sense to have a chance of actually hitting with them. Perhaps I was partly inspired by reading Karlsbad's treatise, Shotguns Don't Suck, which is an interesting application of the concept of 'sunk costs' to the issue of weapon selection in UD.


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