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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Walking the Heytown-Spracklingbank-Pitneybank-Peppardville Circuit

With the action dying down back in Craske Triangle, I decided to take a break and do a little sightseeing, I headed southeast and peaked in Giddings Mall (which was secure at the time, though the Mall page is now claiming it is unsafe), then headed west. I did a little community service work—including a one-swing zed kill near Wallis Square PD [78,40]—in northeast Peppardville before heading back to the friendly confines of Heytown. In a show of restraint surprising even to me, I have not bought Tagging, nor any other skill (I was sorely tempted to buy Shopping while I was at the mall), so I'm only 10XP away from getting Diagnosis. Not wasting time on healing-by-guesswork should make further advancement a little faster. Then I'll waste some XP on Tagging.


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