Bake Hayes: Scout of Malton

Gaming diary for Urban Dead, the Zombie Apocalypse MMORPG.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ransack trouble in NW Randallbank

Northwestern Randallbank seems to be under attack, or perhaps it is just overflow from larger conflicts in Shearbank/Roachtown. In any case, although there don't seem to be large numbers of zombies involved, the survivor population also seems to be small, and as a result, the zeds are managing to establish beachheads in resource buildings by breaking in, killing the residents and then ransacking the place to prevent re-barricading. In today's walkabout, both St Columbanus's Hospital [61, 31] and the Littlehales NecroTech Building [63, 30] are in this condition. The only good news about the above is that it has provided lots of target practice, and I've managed to buy both Advanced Pistol Training and Advanced Shotgun Training. That leaves Headshot as the only remaining useful human skill to have. After that, I guess I'll just stockpile XP until I die again or some worthwhile additions are made on the human side.

Postal Holiday

Post offices in Northeast Malton will see highly reduced hours and/or closings as employees take their summer holidays. Normal service should return after July 11.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Brief power outage (Santlerville)

I regret to report that power went out at the Mail Processing Center for a couple hours today, so we were without either radio or phone service. You can thank Tittybar for the outage. The good news is that we had a backup generator ready to go and power is back on.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A good day's work (Gibsontown)

This is how it's supposed to work! I woke up in the Santlerville Mail Processing Center and checked the radio log (I monitor the NE-1 district channel, 26.06): a vague but nonetheless undeniable delivery request from Oram Road Police Department in neighboring Gibsontown. Strapped on my mailbag and headed over. Found the building breached with two mail-vandals inside. Proceeded to re-barricade the building, dump bodies, kill the zeds (it helped that one died on the first shot and I had better-than-average luck on the second), deliver a new generator and fuel, chat with the residents, tag the building, and made it back home in time for dinner. The escapade netted enough XP to buy Radio Operation, not to mention a considerable feeling of satisfaction. I'll probably need to spend tomorrow re-supplying before making any more deliveries.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Phone service re-established in Santlerville

As part of my ongoing efforts to turn Santlerville into a Regional Mail Processing Hub for the MPS, I've gotten the mobile phone mast working again. I've also continued making deliveries-of-opportunity to likely-looking recipients. I haven't been outside for a while, so I'm not sure what the zombie situation is here. Seems like it's pretty quiet, though.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bulking up and moving out (Santlerville)

After a couple of days making local deliveries (and tangling with zombies intent on interfering with the mails) in the Giddings Mall area, I've decided to make another move, this time to the relatively quiet suburb of Santlerville , home of the Dowdney Mall. My idea is to make this suburb—with its central location and ready access to supplies—the Regional Mail Processsing Center for the northeast quadrant of the city. Once I get some more staff, I foresee similar centers established in the other three quadrants. On my way north, I stopped by to see my old friends in Craske Triangle. Things looked pretty well under control there, although I was a little alarmed to see our old nemesis gerbil1—in living, breathing form—among the survivors in the hospital. Inasmuch as I would like to believe that folks can change their ways, and I'm not a big fan of vigilantism, I did't say anything while I was there, but I'd be pretty nervous sleeping with that guy in the same room. All this exercise has paid off, by the way. I picked up First Aid and Body Building before I left Giddings. The new-ish Radio Operation skill will probably be my next professional development target, although, to be honest, I am not a great fan of the radio addition to the game. I like the concept, but so many people are spamming the airwaves that one tends to just ignore out the chatter automatically. Beyond that, there are the Advanced Pistol/Shotgun skills and good ol' Headshot to make myself a bit more lethal, but it's not really a priority. Maybe I should stockpile some XP to use should I get munched on while making a delivery. The last time I had to spend time being undead was not much fun.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Malton Postal Service—We deliver!

I got back to Pitneybank from Craske the other day and held a brief ceremony to (more) officially launch the MPS. There's a transcript of the event at the MPS wiki page. I've even made a couple of semi-official deliveries by responding to a radio call for healing in Fort Creedy. I also working on recruiting more carriers for the MPS. There are some goth kids who have been in touch, and I have a few other prospects I need to contact. Incidentally, based on my little jog from the Giddings Mall area down to fort, both neighborhoods seem virtually zed-free. There were none outside the fort (although there was a stack of bodies outside that included some known hostiles.) The was one brain-rotter outside the Hunter Building [81,49] , and that's it.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Raising the dead. And for my next trick, I will walk on water (Craske Triangle)

Having heard some radio chatter about trouble in the Craske Triangle area, I decided to pay a visit to my old stomping ground. Sure enough, there'd been a major break-in at Cornelius General Hospital and other zed shennanigans in the area. Maybe it's nostalgia, but I feel like I ought to help out a little here, even if it delays getting the MPS rolling for a few days. I had used the XP I gained in the waning days of the Giddings Mall siege to buy NecroTech Employment and Lab Experience. I've been curious about the whole reviver role and thought these would give me some additional flexibility. I also scrounged up a DNA extractor and quite a few revivification syringes. Well, with the carnage up here at Craske, I've had opportunity to use these new skills and equipment. I returned two unfortunate citizens (ArniYuki and Aximi) to the ranks of the living today. They're professed members of of Scavengers, which isn't the most sociable group, but I'd seen them contribute the Craske community my last go around, so I think I was doing the right thing. While I'm up here, I may do a little MPS recruiting. I have a couple ideas of folks who might make good mail carriers.

Report obscene mail to your local potsmaster

The Giddings Mall siege ended with a resounding survivor victory several days ago. I've taken that event as the final impetus to form a group I'd been contemplating for a while. So here it is: the Malton Postal Service has officially been launched. I've already recruited one member: Patti Jordani, another scout who's been earning her stripes in Pitneybank. When I posted the group page on the UD Wiki, I got a warning from a mod there that there had been a notorious PK-ing incident supposedly in the name of a re-formed Malton Postal Service. For the record, that's got nothing to do with me. My searches of the wiki found no existing groups and no other references to a Malton Postal Service, or even a similarly named group. So I feel like the name is up for grabs, and if it does have some infamous history, it doesn't seem to be widely-discussed. Hopefully, we can assert our own reputation soon enough. If anyone is interested in hiring the MPS for courier services, they can leave a comment here or on the MPS wiki page and we'll do our best to deliver.