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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A good day's work (Gibsontown)

This is how it's supposed to work! I woke up in the Santlerville Mail Processing Center and checked the radio log (I monitor the NE-1 district channel, 26.06): a vague but nonetheless undeniable delivery request from Oram Road Police Department in neighboring Gibsontown. Strapped on my mailbag and headed over. Found the building breached with two mail-vandals inside. Proceeded to re-barricade the building, dump bodies, kill the zeds (it helped that one died on the first shot and I had better-than-average luck on the second), deliver a new generator and fuel, chat with the residents, tag the building, and made it back home in time for dinner. The escapade netted enough XP to buy Radio Operation, not to mention a considerable feeling of satisfaction. I'll probably need to spend tomorrow re-supplying before making any more deliveries.


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