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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ransack trouble in NW Randallbank

Northwestern Randallbank seems to be under attack, or perhaps it is just overflow from larger conflicts in Shearbank/Roachtown. In any case, although there don't seem to be large numbers of zombies involved, the survivor population also seems to be small, and as a result, the zeds are managing to establish beachheads in resource buildings by breaking in, killing the residents and then ransacking the place to prevent re-barricading. In today's walkabout, both St Columbanus's Hospital [61, 31] and the Littlehales NecroTech Building [63, 30] are in this condition. The only good news about the above is that it has provided lots of target practice, and I've managed to buy both Advanced Pistol Training and Advanced Shotgun Training. That leaves Headshot as the only remaining useful human skill to have. After that, I guess I'll just stockpile XP until I die again or some worthwhile additions are made on the human side.


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