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Monday, July 10, 2006

Back on my feet (Ketchelbank)

Thanks to a speedy response to my revive request by Quingawaga2 of the ROACH Klips, I am breathing again. I am impressed that I got treated so quickly, especially since Roachtown is having widespread problems. Thanks, guys! As a kind of 'pay it forward' gesture (and because the original addressee had gotten revived during my misadventures), one of my first actions once life returned was to deliver the syringe I'd been trying to get to Brooke Hills to one Vampirina. She seems to have been a career zombie thus far, but she's only L3 and was 'Mrh'-ing repeatedly at the revive point, so I figured she was legit. I hope I don't regret that decision. For myself, I have moved on to Ketchelbank to meet up with Jenny D'Arc, a new Postal Service recruit. Looks like they've got plenty of trouble here as well. I justc ran through a bunch of breached resource buildings and saw a fair scattering of zeds out on the streets as well. Ah, well.


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