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Thursday, July 13, 2006

MPS expansion (Ketchelbank)

Well, I sucessfully inducted JennyD'Arc into the MPS, but it wasn't easy. Between widespread zombie incursions in eastern Ketchelbank/western Roachtown and weirdo survivors freaking out and shooting me (and then apologizing), I'm lucky I made it to the ceremony at all. With Ms. D'Arc's hiring and my reviving of postman Elphin, that brings MPS staffing up to four, enough, theoretically, to have a dedicated carrier for each quadrant of the city (though I think we need to wait for the Big Bash to move out before building a post office in the southwest). I have managed to obtain NecroNet Access—which I had forgotten about when I declared that Headshot was the only human skill left worth having. I also picked up Lurching Gait during my recent lifeless stint. Thankfully, it proved largely unnecessary as I didn't have to travel far or wait long for my revive, but it's good insurance for the future.


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