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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Striking out in Wykewood

Well, it would seem that the MPS's first real mail delivery mission will go down as a failure. I did make it to South Blytheville without any more trouble, I've been hunting both that suburb and neighboring Wykewood for days now, and I cannot find the addressee for this message. I left messages at their residence, asked around with the neighbors, even poked around among the rotting corpses in the streets, but no sign. The actual content of the message was out of date some days ago, but I still wanted to get the letter to its recipient as a matter of principle. Oh well. While I am here, I think I'll help out with the post-Big Bash cleanup. Despite what the suburb map says, this part of Malton is pretty livable. There's still a lot of barricading to rebuild and generators to replace, but I have not seen any serious zed activity since getting here. Refugees from eastern Malton could do a lot of good down here rather than falling back from mall to mall as the Bashers crack them open.


  • At Tue Jan 02, 11:21:00 PM GMT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi im currently in the Cornelius General Hospital in Spracklingbank which is infested with the Undead I am new so I havent the skills to take them out myself but if you & Your Party could come down and save us from being eating id much appriciate it. Thanks!



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