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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Trail of destruction (Central Malton)

I had a small mishap returning from vacation: got myself killed again in Shearbank (note to self, the only barrricaded building in a zed-infested neighborhood is not a safehouse). I tried to get a revive by entering an under-attack NecroTech building and fighting on the side of the harmanz while Mrh?-ing loudly, but either my help wasn't appreciated, or my intended saviors got slaughtered before they could notice it. After that, I shambled up to the Yagoton Revive Clinic at St. Swithun's Church. In a matter of hours, I had my brahnz back . Those YRC boys really know their business! After that, I made my way back to Santlerville without incident and spent a couple days licking my wounds in the Mail Processing Center. Today, fully healed and partially re-supplied, I got bold again and began a mail run to South Blythville that has been seriously delayed by the Big Bash and the untimely deaths of a couple other carriers. I can attest that central Malton is a virtual wasteland. Travelling outdoors through parts of Randallbank, Pimbank, Ridleybank, and Stanbury Village, I saw zeds pretty much everywhere: no large hordes, but a couple occupying most building blocks and some streets. I moved back indoors in Galbraith Hills and had to traverse that whole suburb and parts of Mockridge Heights and Brooksville before I found a building that was not open and ransacked. Ouch! Here's hoping I can survive the night and finish this delivery tomorrow.


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